Monthly Archives: June 2014

Primary 2014 Guess the Turnout Contest

Let’s have some fun trying to guess what the turnout will be. The person who guesses closest to the number of voters to vote at the selected poll will win a really exciting prize — a Carroll Values Education magnet. Woo-hoo! Please guess only once. The number in parenthesis is the total voter count from… Read More »

Increasing funding = Increasing Taxes?

Not so fast! Robin Frazier declares that because “her opponent” wants to increase funding to schools, that he wants to increase taxes. This simply isn’t true. Spending doesn’t match to taxes, it matches to revenue. The commissioners claim to have lowered taxes for the past four years, yet each year, revenues have increased. That’s right;… Read More »

While we worry about big brother

So let’s talk about our children’s data privacy. While many are upset about the Maryland Longitudinal Data Store storing aggregate and de-identified data, there’s a more insidious risk — private companies hired by school systems to deliver learning content. FERPA laws protect student data such as official records, standardized test scores and disciplinary history. The… Read More »