Monthly Archives: February 2016

Excerpts from the Budget Meeting

According to an article in the Carroll County Times, Commissioner Doug Howard, R-District 5, who served as ex-officio member of the Board of Education for three years, said: “We had an interesting conversation, and Commissioner Weaver thought it would be a good time to have someone else participate [on the Board of Education]. One of… Read More »

Our view

We disagree that wanting to “Fully Fund Education” is a political term. The school system and board of education are not political bodies. Their mission is to educate the children of Carroll County. As we heard at the board budget work session on February 3rd, for years the board of education has not asked for… Read More »

Potential Bill to Impose Term Limits on the Board of Education

Delegate Haven Shoemaker introduced legislation to add term limits for Board of Education members. Click for bill details and status This statement was read by Board of Education member Devon Rothschild at a local hearing. The Carroll County Board of Education opposes any legislation to impose term limits on the Board of Education of Carroll County. … Read More »

Ask Us Now Rocks!

Yesterday, we were asked: Does anyone know the number of kids in carroll county that are home-schooled or go to private school? Just wondering what the trend is with those groups in relation to the declining enrollment problem of public schools. We thought the answer was that those groups declined too, but didn’t really have… Read More »