A little look at the proposed budget

As you prepare your talking points for tomorrow’s budget hearing (because we are certain everyone will go and speak, right?), here is something to consider. We are sure it’s going to be surprising. But, please consider thanking the commissioners for the changes that they have made so far and encourage them to go just a little further.

Because, they have made changes. Last year’s adopted budget was extremely depressing.

The following graphs show the commissioners indeed have made efforts to increase funding for our schools. Except for next year, the percentage change in the budget from year to year increases each year. This is good news.

Compare last year’s approved plan:


To this year’s proposed plan:


This graph shows the percentage of the county’s spending that is directed to the school system. Again, the trend appears a bit more promising.

Compare last year’s approved plan:


To this year’s proposed plan:


We thank the commissioners for the work they have done so far. Of course, we still think the school system’s request should be met for FY17. We also think the out years could look even better with a re-evaluation of tax rates. We want our school system to make improvements for our students, teachers, employees and communities. So, let’s not bash them for not doing anything; let’s thank them for progress and encourage them to keep going!

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