In Case You Missed It: Susan McNulty’s remarks at the Public Budget Hearing

Good evening, my name is Susan McNulty.

Tonight, I am not going to talk about the numbers that I’ve gathered, videos I’ve watched or motives that I’ve questioned…I know, it’s a SHOCKER.  Tonight, I’ve decided to deliver a message of thanks.

This budgetary process has seen an unprecedented amount of public involvement and activity.  The time and effort given by those involved in this process has been astounding!  And now, we are nearing the finish line for this year.

First, I want to thank Commissioners’ Howard, Shoemaker and Roush for understanding the budgetary constraints and necessities of our school system; and working within a difficult environment to fund above Maintenance of Effort.  This has not been an easy road for you.  Commissioners’ Howard and Shoemaker, you have gone around the county and engaged the public, even when we weren’t exactly “receptive”.  THAT is public service.  Commissioner Howard, you answered every email…when I was frustrated, when you were frustrated…every email.  Commissioner Roush, you took in ALL of the information; and while we wondered what you were thinking, you came out in support of our kids.  Thank you, all.

Ted Zaleski, County Budget Director…what a job you have!  How many, “I just have a few questions” emails did you receive?  How many numbers have you and your staff crunched?  You answered every email in a prompt and professional manner.  Thank you.

Our Board of Education members who strive to be a positive link between community, county government and schools, while promoting excellence in education; you have quite a delicate balance to achieve.  Thank you.

Superintendent Guthrie, I cannot say enough about the time and effort you and your staff have given throughout this process, and throughout the entire year.  Your stewardship of our children (our county’s greatest asset) is unparalleled. You have been given what at times seems to be an impossible task, yet you take it on with a pointed determination.  We thank you for championing for our children.

While we are nearing the finish line for this budgetary process, and we are grateful for the level of funding that is presently on the table, you know that I have to ask you to take one more look to see if there is anything else that can be done.  It is NOT your fault, Commissioners, that the state reduced their contribution.  It is NOT Steve Guthrie’s fault, either.  It is most assuredly NOT the fault of our children who are stuck in the middle.  So, please; check every nook and cranny, look under the sofa cushions and take out the change jar to see if there is any other source to help bridge our funding gap.

In closing, it is teacher appreciation week!  Please, everyone, remember the heroes who are guiding your kids every day!  It is a beautifully, exhausting, rewarding, mind-numbing, yet fantastic profession they have chosen.  Now, let’s please give a round of applause to our Commissioners who support public education, our county employees who get the job done, our Board of Education, Superintendent Steve Guthrie and his staff, and our fabulous Carroll County Public School teachers!

Thank you very much!

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