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Board of Commissioners

Excerpts from the Budget Meeting

According to an article in the Carroll County Times, Commissioner Doug Howard, R-District 5, who served as ex-officio member of the Board of Education for three years, said: “We had an interesting conversation, and Commissioner Weaver thought it would be a good time to have someone else participate [on the Board of Education]. One of… Read More »

Our view

We disagree that wanting to “Fully Fund Education” is a political term. The school system and board of education are not political bodies. Their mission is to educate the children of Carroll County. As we heard at the board budget work session on February 3rd, for years the board of education has not asked for… Read More »

Contact the Commissioners

Completing the following form will send your message to all five commissioners.  The information collected is used only to send the message.  It will never be shared anywhere else. To: Commissioner Stephen Wantz District 1 Commissioner Richard Weaver District 2 Commissioner Dennis Frazier District 3 Commissioner Richard Rothschild District 4 Commissioner Doug Howard District 5

The CCPS Budget Process

At the January 2016 Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Guthrie released his proposed FY2017 budget. The fiscal year begins July 1, 2016. Click here for the CCPS Proposed Budget Page What happens next? Public review and feedback to the Board of Education regarding the budget. There will be two public hearings where the proposed budget will… Read More »

If only …

We went back to the very first budget the previous set of commissioners passed. Had they stuck to their plan rather than throwing it out and starting over every year, CCPS would not be in the position it is in. Even with the state’s passback of the pension funding costs, CCPS would be more than $20m… Read More »

Commissioner Press Release

Much has been said about the legality of Common Core in Maryland during the last few weeks, culminating in two letters circulating that Delegate Susan Krebs received from the State Attorney General in response to her inquiry about Common Core. While Commissioner Rothschild and Commissioner Frazier have put out a press release regarding AG’s opinion,… Read More »

Increasing funding = Increasing Taxes?

Not so fast! Robin Frazier declares that because “her opponent” wants to increase funding to schools, that he wants to increase taxes. This simply isn’t true. Spending doesn’t match to taxes, it matches to revenue. The commissioners claim to have lowered taxes for the past four years, yet each year, revenues have increased. That’s right;… Read More »