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Carroll County Public Schools

It’s Banned Book Week!

Once again, we are celebrating our freedom to read books that others would rather we not. A few years ago, we explained the process for challenging a book in our schools. You can read that post here: You can’t believe they’re reading that $&%^*% book! Here are the books that have been challenged in Carroll… Read More »

Guest Post from Muri Dueppen: More Rankings to Consider

What are appropriate metrics for determining efficiency, effort, cost, and value in regards to public education and commissioner commitment in Carroll County? Figures fly regarding per pupil spending, student/teacher ratios, salary gaps, millions of dollars allocated, percentages of budgets, money saved, spending avoided, funding cut or increased, raises realized, local burden, etc. But in the… Read More »

Career and Technology Center Recent History

The Board of Education commissioned a scope study in 2006 to look at options for renovating, expanding or rebuilding the Career and Technology Center. Here is the study and presentation to the board that came from the study. Board of Education Presentation Carroll County Career & Technology Center 2006 Scope Study

Contact the Board of Education

Completing the following form will send your message to all members of the Carroll County Board of Education and Superintendent Guthrie.  The information collected is used only to send the message.  It will never be shared anywhere else. To: James L. Doolan, President Bob E. Lord, Vice-President Devon M. Rothschild Virginia R. Harrison Jennifer A. Seidel… Read More »

What is TPE? Should you care?

TPE stands for Teacher and Principal Evaluations. It is ratings teachers are given based on various, pre-defined criteria. Each teacher (and principal) is rated Highly Effective, Effective or Ineffective. While it is easily debatable just how reflective these ratings are of actual teacher performance, and how directly student performance is related to teacher performance, the scores can… Read More »

Goodwill Donation Boxes

Carroll County Public Schools and Goodwill Industries of Monocacy Valley are partnered in an effort to support struggling families in Carroll County. CCPS supplies $20 vouchers to families so that they can purchase clothing from Goodwill. CCPS receives these vouchers from Goodwill based upon the weight of donations collected in the Goodwill collection boxes that… Read More »