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Carroll County Public Schools

Happy Banned Books Week

Last year, we wrote about the process for reconsideration of materials. Since then, five more books have been challenged. All have been retained. October 2013 Buzz Buzz Buzz Byron Barton Retain in Elementary November 2013 Die Softly Christopher Pike Retain in High School. School later weeded only copy in system – outdated December 2013 Bud, Not… Read More »

While we worry about big brother

So let’s talk about our children’s data privacy. While many are upset about the Maryland Longitudinal Data Store storing aggregate and de-identified data, there’s a more insidious risk — private companies hired by school systems to deliver learning content. FERPA laws protect student data such as official records, standardized test scores and disciplinary history. The… Read More »

It’s Budget Time Again!

So, here we are again at budget time. The proposed operating budget was released last week and the proposed amount is $162m. This is down from $163.5m last year. The commissioner’s plan also called for CCPS to use $4m of its fund balance to make up the difference. CCPS, through careful spending and continual searching… Read More »

Questions from the forum

We continue trying to provide answers to as many of the forum questions as we can. Our first question is answered by Chris Hartlove, Chief Financial Officer for CCPS. Q: What is the CCPS cost/budget for implementation of CCSS over its entire course? Please include sources of funding – federal, state or county. Break down… Read More »

You can’t believe they’re reading that $&%^*% book!

So, you’ve found objectionable content in your child’s class-assigned book or the book she picked up from the media center. What should you do? First of all, we at Carroll Values Education would always recommend reading and considering the work in its entirety. As long as books have been around, there have been “those sections”… Read More »

Contact the Board of Education

Completing the following form will send your message to all members of the Carroll County Board of Education and Superintendent Guthrie.  The information collected is used only to send the message.  It will never be shared anywhere else. To: Barbara J. Shreeve, President Gary W. Bauer, Vice-President James L. Doolan Virginia R. Harrison Jennifer A. Seidel… Read More »

Proposed School System Funding Requires More Cuts

Your help is needed to ensure that our public schools have the resources they need to continue providing a quality education to our children. After several years of reductions in staffing and professional development opportunities, and deferral of maintenance and improvement of educational resources, CCPS is struggling to obtain adequate funding to implement mandatory State and Federal… Read More »

Hey buddy, can you spare a tweet?

Are you on Twitter? We’re starting a twitter campaign to show just how much Carroll Values Education. Use the hashtag #CarrollValuesEducation and post how the community is involved in your school. It can be anything from reading to a class to organizing huge fundraisers. We care about our schools. We spend hours and hours there.… Read More »