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By | October 23, 2014

Much has been said about the legality of Common Core in Maryland during the last few weeks, culminating in two letters circulating that Delegate Susan Krebs received from the State Attorney General in response to her inquiry about Common Core.

While Commissioner Rothschild and Commissioner Frazier have put out a press release regarding AG’s opinion, CVE feels that the issue of Common Core in our schools is a matter for the Board of Education and our state lawmakers to address and not our county commissioners.

We do agree that concerned citizens should stay involved and informed; however, our county commissioners in their official capacity should allow the BOE to address this issue.

Commissioners Rothschild and Frazier Respond to Attorney General’s Opinion on Common Core

One thought on “Commissioner Press Release

  1. Barbara Biller

    It is disconcerting to me that incumbent Commissioners put out Press Releases containing statements without substantiating them with facts. Their press release would be far more believable if they provided the quantitative facts to back up their statements, e.g.,
    1. “Across America and in Maryland, there is a growing bipartisan movement to force Common Core out of our schools”Says who? It should be straight forward to enumerate Who, How Many, Titles of Organizations and Groups their growing trend of participation or membership.
    2. “…made a statement to the effect that….” – quote the statement, in context — not your paraphrase. Let the reader be the judge.
    3. “During testimony on Common Core-related issues during the Legislative Session, it was quite obvious
    that Maryland parents and teachers alike want Common Core repealed.” Provide the date(s) of the testimony, why was it ‘obvious’, what percentage of parents and teachers – are they really representative?
    4. “restore parental control to local education” This one really is an affront – since when are parents not in control of their children’s education? – these Commissioners are either not informed on the process for developing curriculum in CCPS or the avenues available to parents to be involved — or make nonfactual statements to support their opinions and promote their agendas but that statement is simply NOT true.

    Mr. Roenick and I have messaged back and forth regarding the implementation of the Common Core. His (?) plan is to implement the Massachusetts ELA and Math Framework 2000-2004 – which the state implemented prior to Common Core. IMHO, this path is absurd for too many reasons to put here — but, if allowed to force their way into power, they will not be working to improve our public school system.
    Something my sister, Leslie, shared with me so soundly resonated that I shared it with Mr. Roenick. If we truly believe that education is the one thing that allows all Americans to make a better life, then we have to live that value by providing the highest standards for all students. The Common Core math and English standards are apolitical. They are nothing more than lists of content that should be taught at specific grades. They are the first content standards ever that build in coherence and focus among grade bands. Before, it was a free for all. Students moving from one location to another could not be guaranteed that what they learned would correlate to what was being taught in a new school. We live in a mobile society. It seems rather short-sighted to neglect thinking about students who move geographically for whatever reasons. It also levels the playing field for students regardless of economic situation.
    To try to slow down the movement to attach teachers’ evaluations to the PARCC test scores or slow down the push for students to take the tests before schools have enough broadband or technology to accommodate the computer-based assessments are things we should probably agree on and work to solve or change. But the fear tactics, misinformation and propaganda needs to be challenged and repudiated.
    You can probably tell I’m a little riled up about this……. Last night I received an anti-Common Core e-mail with (honest to goodness) the following text:
    Be informed, broaden your circles, continue to educate yourself. Exercise your right to vote.
    The truly ironic point is that one of the primary focus areas of the ELA Common Core to develop students is:
    They value evidence.
    Students cite specific evidence when offering an oral or written interpretation of a text. They use relevant evidence when supporting their own points in writing and speaking, making their reasoning clear to the reader or listener, and they constructively evaluate others’ use of evidence.
    Had the incumbent Commissioners been products of an education based on Common Core standards, maybe their Press Release would have contained more evidence and less conjecture.


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