Excerpts from the Budget Meeting

By | February 27, 2016

According to an article in the Carroll County Times,

Commissioner Doug Howard, R-District 5, who served as ex-officio member of the Board of Education for three years, said: “We had an interesting conversation, and Commissioner Weaver thought it would be a good time to have someone else participate [on the Board of Education]. One of the benefits is when you sit on the other side of the table, you get a different perspective.” – Commissioners take on new assignments in the new year

Well, we are not so sure it’s working out that way. We think it allows Commissioner Rothschild to intimidate the board of education and stop discussions that should be happening.

Link to full video: CETV BoardMeetings Budget Adoption 2-24-2016

Watch the entirety or for context, volume, and tone for these excerpts (which might be unintentionally imperfect). Decide for yourself if there was intimidation or just rudeness and obstruction.

45:37 – [Commissioner Richard Rothschild] “Well, I want to respond to Mr. Doolan’s comments because I don’t believe they were constructive. The fact of the matter is that we’re looking at a financial model now where we’re going to lose 10% of our enrollment. And the current spending plan calls for another fifty or sixty million dollars in spending. We just can’t do it. We can’t solve the problem by whining about it. We’ve got to get down and we’ve got to work; we’ve got to work on the cost side. The Commissioners are going to have to do a little bit of reprioritization; I’ve told you I will support that. But continuing to complain about that, I mean …”

[46:15 –Commissioner Richard Rothschild, nearly shouting after Doolan tries to speak] “We’re in this situation because we’ve seen our enrollments dropping for the last seven years and until this Board – thank God for all of you; I appreciate your work – nobody did anything about it!”

46:45 [Commissioner Richard Rothschild] “And continuing to make this request grow larger and larger doesn’t add credibility in my judgment; I think it just shows a disconnection from reality.”

53:08 – [Commissioner Richard Rothschild] “I want to say that I believe that the idea of increasing this even further is unrealistic; It’s not gonna happen. And I think this is not productive. I think you should hold the line where it is – preserve your credibility with the Commissioners. Increasing this request further is not going to have a positive impact on us.”

55:11 – [Commissioner Richard Rothschild] “I think you are just setting expectations that are not going to be fulfilled. This is not good management nor leadership, Jim.”

56:18 [Devon Rothschild] “I guess my…my…my struggle – and it’s, you know, it’s similar to yours [Doolan’s] – is I am concerned that there might be ramifications from across the street for increasing the request, even though it’s needed and necessary and I am concerned that what if we end up getting less money,” [Doolan: “…less money than…”] “less money than say maybe the Commissioners are going to fund the budget as it currently is but the repercussions of us asking for what we feel like is a more appropriate budget ends up coming, underfunding us. I mean, that’s a “what if” – there’s no way to know that, but…”

[Commissioner Rothschild does not deny this.]

Transcript courtesy of Muri Dueppen.

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