FY2015 budget passes without support from Frazier, Rothschild

In a move that surprised no one, Commissioners Frazier and Rothschild tried to pull ongoing operating funding from the school system yesterday. Commissioners Howard, Shoemaker and Roush voted to approve next year’s FY15 school system operating budget at the proposed $162m with an additional $3.3m in non-recurring funding.

For comparison, this year’s approved operating budget (FY2014) was $163.5m with $500k in non-recurring funding.

The $3.3m (plus extra from the school system’s fund balance) will be used for a 3% bonus for employees. Employees received a 2.5% bonus this year. Some employees (those not already at the top of their pay scale) received a step increase two years ago. There has not been an across the board raise in six years.

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