Hey buddy, can you spare a tweet?

Are you on Twitter? We’re starting a twitter campaign to show just how much Carroll Values Education.

Use the hashtag #CarrollValuesEducation and post how the community is involved in your school. It can be anything from reading to a class to organizing huge fundraisers. We care about our schools. We spend hours and hours there. We bug our co-workers to buy crappy PTA fundraisers so our schools have have the things that the budget just can’t provide.

Plug your business that donated to a silent auction. Mention your neighbor that shows up every week to run copies. Tag your kid that comes home from college and helps out over spring break. Talk about your community group that runs a program for kids. If you can’t think of anything, just tweet that you love your neighborhood school.

Our schools are important to us. We want them to thrive and flourish. Let’s show the world how much.

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