If only …

By | November 5, 2015

We went back to the very first budget the previous set of commissioners passed. Had they stuck to their plan rather than throwing it out and starting over every year, CCPS would not be in the position it is in. Even with the state’s passback of the pension funding costs, CCPS would be more than $20m ahead of where they are now. Teachers could have had raises all along. Many of the priorities of the Vision 2018 could have been made — more special education staff, more gifted and talented staff. It’s so disheartening to see what could have been.

First, here are the numbers:

Source of data: http://ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/budget/

Source of data: http://ccgovernment.carr.org/ccg/budget/

Had the commissioners followed their own plan, funding this year would be $9.1m higher than it is. Yes, more than the expected savings from closing 5 schools.


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