Maryland Attorney General on Opting-out of Common Core

By | October 20, 2014

Our thanks to Delegate Susan Krebs for asking the question and for sharing the answer. She asked the Maryland Attorney General if a local board of ed could withdrawal from Common Core, as we’ve been promised will happen if Harmening, Nason and Roenick are elected. In short, the answer is no. Here is a link to the response she received.

Opting out of Common Core

As a follow-up, she asked what would be the consequences if such were to happen. The answer was all funding could be withheld or board of education members could be removed.

Common Core Opt-Out Consequences

Now, this is not to say that our board of education must simply accept Common Core as is. In fact, we are already talking to Delegate Krebs about options and what we would like to see happen in the upcoming session. Get involved. Join the discussion.

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