Petition to Fund Our Schools

Since 2009, Carroll County Public Schools has reduced spending $30m. They have eliminated 279.5 positions, two Central Office departments, after school programs, 40 buses and other items. They have reduced the employee work-year, telecommunication costs, food service overhead, utility costs, maintenance, payroll and procurement costs and spending in almost every budget category.

Since 2009, growth in employee compensation has essentially frozen and the gap between Carroll and surrounding counties has grown. There was one step increase in FY13, which did not apply to any employees already at the top of their scale, and one across the board cost of living adjustment in FY16. This represents an avoidance of $45m in ongoing spending. Employees received one-time bonuses in FY14, FY15 and FY16, but bonuses do not count toward retirement benefits.

For FY17, over $5m has been cut because of anticipated savings due to three school closures.

The Board of Education has requested $185.2m in county funding for FY17. This is an increase of $9m over FY16 funding or $7.55m over the county’s FY17 recommended budget. The total budget is $334.7m, a 1.5% increase.

If the Board of Commissioners does not fund the request, additional cuts will be made.

We, the undersigned, ask our Commissioners to fund CCPS at minimum to their request. Additionally, we call on them to do whatever they can, including rolling back the tax cuts from FY11 and on, to begin the process of making up missed steps.

Additionally, we recognize that all CCPS employees contribute to the quality of our children’s education and should be treated fairly and equally.

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6 thoughts on “Petition to Fund Our Schools

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  2. Melissa mooneyhan

    Hey need to be paid more, for the hardwork they do. Remember they are molding our future adults

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  5. Julia Armstrong

    I spoke with a teacher who has her Master’s Plus 30 and 9 years experience! She is STILL on Step 1! Imagine how you would feel if you were not compensated for your experience, education and hard work! STOP HOLDING OUR TEACHERS AND CHILDREN HOSTAGE FOR YOUR POLITICAL AGENDA! The fact that you are even considering an indoor track and NOT funding education is REDICULOUS and INSULTING! FUND EDUCATION NOW!!!!

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