Press Release concerning Kindergarten Assistants


Carroll Values Education Opposes Reassignment of Carroll County Public School Kindergarten Assistants

Westminster, MD – June 12, 2013 –Carroll Values Education strongly supports keeping Carroll County Public School Kindergarten Assistants in the kindergarten classroom throughout the day.  However, we do recognize that decreased funding from the State and flat funding from the County means resources are limited and that there may be a need for flexibility in the kindergarten assistants’ schedules.

If it is deemed necessary to expand kindergarten assistants’ duties, Carroll Values Education believes these assistants must remain present in the kindergarten classroom daily at least during the critical times of reading groups, math groups, assessments, and the first few weeks of school.

Reducing the kindergarten assistants’ time in the kindergarten classroom to any less than this will undoubtedly affect the rigor and high quality of the current kindergarten program.

“Kindergarten assistants have been instrumental in maintaining the high quality of Carroll County’s kindergarten program.” stated CVE member Devon Rothschild. “The parents in this community fought so hard during this year’s budget discussions to maintain flat funding from the County, in large part to assure that kindergarten assistants remained in the classroom. It will be a huge loss to our school system if kindergarten assistants are taken out of the kindergarten classroom for a majority of the day”



Carroll Values Education promotes quality education for all children in Carroll County public schools. It is a permanent grassroots, non-partisan, community organization created by parents to inspire, inform, and empower citizens to advocate on behalf of Carroll County’s children and public education system. Membership is open to the public and includes concerned citizens, business owners and community members who value public education in Carroll County.

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