We Should Not Privatize Public Education

By | February 8, 2017

We were asked the following on our Facebook page. We wanted to expand a little, so we are posting here.

Quick question , so how does this group look at private education and stipends vs a public education ? I’m just curious as to the pros and cons that you might have regarding the subject matter .

In a nutshell, we do not support privatizing public education.

Privatizers believe that the money should follow the child.

We believe that there is no price tag on a child. A child living in Baltimore City ($16,713) isn’t worth more than one in Carroll County ($13,566)*.

Privatizers believe parents need choices.

We believe parents need excellent schools close to home. Parents do not want to have to research, choose, apply and win lotteries for their children get a good education. They want their neighborhood school to be great.

Privatizers believe parents should let their opinions be known by leaving struggling schools.

We believe in staying and fighting for improvements. Parents should get involved, get in the classrooms, meet with their principals, serve on SIT (school improvement teams) and help build the school they want for their kids.

Privatizers believe schools should be run like businesses.

We believe schools should be run more like churches — accepting of all who show up and working hard to serve them according to their needs. We have lots more to say about this and will do another post on it. In the end, it comes down to a business that is not making money can close.

Public education serves a public good, to educate all of our children.

Public education is funded by taxpayer money, not parental money (though of course parents pay taxes). Every penny should be spent in a transparent manner that is open to public inspection and under the oversight of a publicly elected board of education.


*The per pupil funding above is from 2015-2016 and is sourced from https://conduitstreet.mdcounties.org/2016/04/26/chart-shows-marylands-school-funding-per-student/

One thought on “We Should Not Privatize Public Education

  1. Dave Rapids

    Public Education is the backbone of not only this state, but this nation. An overwhelming majority of students in Maryland and the U.S. attend a public school, so why do we keep putting private schools before publics? If someone wants to send there child to a private school to recieve pretty much the same education if they went to a public school, that is there choice. The state and nation should not take away much needed funding from public schools and give it to privates. So let me be clear, I am not against private schools, I am against taking money away from systems that despratley need more funding.

    People keep saying that the education in the state and nation must be improved. Well, the answer to this is to put more money into our public schools. There is no reason to be starving our public school systems, because when this hapens, we starve opportunity. Public schools must come before privates!


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