Text of Narayan Spaur’s Comments at the Budget Hearing, May 12

This speech brought many in the audience to tears and earned him a standing ovation. Great job Narayan! You’re right. You ARE our future. We won’t let you down.

Hi my name is Narayan Spaur and I am a 7th grade student at Mount Airy Middle School, one of the many wonderful public schools in our county. Daily I see common core in action, and I can see hope in it. The concepts are beautiful-showing us things like how this stuff could actually be used in the real world, and every problem we are taught multiple ways to solve so you can decide the best for you and succeed. Common core has some problems with things we are learning not connecting to the tests, but with proper funding these issues can be overcome and form a great standardized way of teaching. Also, with more funding our teachers can learn how to teach common core better, because as a 13 year old even I can see some of the units are not clear on how the functions and things should be conveyed to us. It’s so obvious you are cutting the budget for our schools; I think I speak for my class on this one. We were only able to take one field trip this year, and it was only a half day field trip. Things to improve the learning and activities in school also require payment, such as glaze in art. Every student takes art, and some glazes cost around $60 a jar! Every student puts 3 coats of glaze on all their work to enhance the shiny effect and make the finished product actually worth keeping, and that adds up fast. Also, our brilliant teachers have not gotten a raise in years. They do so much, they try so hard. They are always there for you, whether its kindergarten and they tie your shoes, or 7th grade where they help you through study guides. Teachers are always the people you go to for help because they always have answers, and yet you refuse to pay them more. My social studies teacher said she has to have multiple jobs, and yet she still finds time to schedule activities for us, and grade our papers, AND make our experience enjoyable. Plus, school is mandatory, and is so much better when more resources are available, so fund our public schools! Commissioners, I am the future. My class is the future. Give me 1 good reason why I am not worth the money, or why my teachers aren’t!

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