Tips and talking points for speech and letter writing

Be courteous and respectful in speaking and letter writing.

Be factual, not emotional. Provide specific rather than general information about how the topic effects you and others.

The best speeches and letters are courteous, to the point, and include specific supporting examples.

Carroll County Public School’s achievements:

• With 91% of students scoring proficient or advanced on the 2012 MSA, Carroll County Public Schools (CCPS) ranks fourth in the state overall.

• 2012 MSA scores rank second in the state in reading (92.8%), fifth in mathematics (90.8%), and fourth in science (90.7%).

• The CCPS graduating class of 2012 had an average SAT score of 1549 – 62 points higher than the state average.

• Nearly 65% of the Advanced Placement test administered in 2011-12 demonstrated mastery with a score of 3 or better – 3 points higher than the state average.

• Over 80% of the 2012 graduates plan on attending college.

• For the third year in a row, CCPS has been selected by the College Board as an AP District Honor Roll winner

Carroll County Public Schools Frequently Asked Budget Questions

This is a great article to read.  It tells you what makes a successful school or a school that fails. You will be able to get some ideas for letter or speeches.

How do they plan to retain good teachers in high demand positions (STEM) when they are making well below our neighboring counties?

Below is a link that shows the teacher’s salaries in Carroll County and the surrounding areas.

How long should school employees go without raises? Ten years? 20? CCPS employees have gotten only one step increase in 4 year while surrounding school systems have kept salaries competitive. How do the commissioners plan to keep our school system competitive with surrounding districts to attract and retain high quality education staff?

Where does the money go?

This is a great page that explains where the money goes.

The public has been more heavily involved in the school budget this year than in many years. Several hundred people have shown up at education forums.  How many forums have been held where hundreds of people have been demanding property tax cuts for a third year in a row?

CCPS’ operating budget has gone up by only 2.5% since 2009. Is there any other function of government that has only gone up by as little as 2.5%? Why should the cost of educating kids be strangled when every cost of modern life has increased over the same period of time?

It is worth repeating in several ways that property taxes should not be cut. Every dollar of tax cuts is a dollar our public schools can’t have.

The Board of Education will have to make whatever cuts they have to make in order to balance the budget. But it’s the County Government that is forcing their hand by putting on another year of starvation budgets.

Each speaker should close by saying that they support the 1% increase in the school’s budget the Superintendent has publicly asked for, $166.6M. No one should endorse flat funding. It is worth asking our Commissioners why they cannot support a reasonable 1% increase in the school budget. Even at flat funding, they will be forcing cuts in the budget that could effect the programs we are fighting to keep.

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