We need more publicly public input!

By | October 9, 2015
After weeks of being told there is no timeline for the redistricting/closures, Board President Doolan laid one out yesterday. He said the board would be voting at the October 14th meeting (which is next Wednesday), holding the public hearings over the next four weeks and making the final decision in November.
We think this is unacceptable.
Since the presentation of Options 1 and 2 on September 9th, no one has had the chance to speak publicly to the board. The work session on September 28th had no public input, nor did the Joint Commissioner / Board of Education meeting held yesterday, October 8th. At next week’s meeting, there will be just 30 minutes of public comment during the meeting. So, only ten people will be allowed to speak publicly before the vote is held.
We call on the Board to not take any votes before there is more time for public input, including during and after next week’s board meeting and the town hall meeting scheduled for October 20th.

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